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22nd Sunday after Pentecost (Gal. 6:11-18; Lk 8:5-15); St John of Kronstadt (1 Jn 4:7-11; Lk 6:31-36)

“A sower went out to sow his seed,” speaks the Lord today in his Gospel, in a parable addressed to his disciples, to whom it has been given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God – that means, to us as well.  The Lord explains that the seed is the word of God and thus the sower is the Lord, the Word of God himself, spreading, proclaiming the word of his own Gospel, the word of eternal truth, the word of life, that God has so loved the world that he sent his only Son as the expiation for our sins. This is the Gospel of our God who is love (agape).

Sermon on 5th Sunday of Great Lent by Dr. Vitaly Permiakov

In today’s Gospel, on the last Sunday before the end of Lent and before the beginning of the Great Week of Lord’s Passion, we see the Lord going up to Jerusalem for Passover, his disciples following him, but – says the Gospel, in the previous verse – they were fearful. Indeed, he just told them that it is so difficult for a rich man to enter the kingdom, and really, the salvation is impossible for men – but possible for God...

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