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Since the Seminary is a traditional theological college, the primary requirement for admission is the applicant's sincere desire to serve the Orthodox Church. Only with this motivation will the applicant appreciate the opportunities for learning and growth offered by the Seminary. A high school diploma or GED is necessary for entrance into the Bachelor of Theology, Certificate in Pastoral Studies, and Certificate of Theological Studies programs.  SAT exams are not required.

Application materials for admission to the Seminary may be downloaded from the links below or obtained by contacting:

Office of Admissions
Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary
P.O. Box 36
Jordanville, N. Y. 13361
Telephone: (315) 858-0945

All applicants must be members of the Orthodox Church for a minimum of two years prior to enrollment.

The following must be submitted to the Office of Admissions for all programs:

  1. Completed application form: Please select the appropriate online application form. All downloadable forms are available through the online application form.
  2. Birth certificate (photocopy).
  3. Baptismal certificate (photocopy).
  4. Official transcripts from all secondary schools and institutions of higher learning attended.
  5. Recommendation of spiritual father (to be sent directly to the Seminary by the spiritual father).
  6. Recommendation or blessing of diocesan bishop, including members of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.
  7. Two recent photographs (passport size) to be sent by mail.  An electronic profile photo should be uploaded to the online application
  8. Autobiography. 500-1000 words is acceptable.
  9. Application fee (non-refundable).  For all students: $40. Payment can be made in US dollars or by credit card or bank card, through Populi's secure online system or by phone (315-858-0945), or by check or money order. For other arrangements, please contact

For the Bachelor of Theology and Certificate in Pastoral Studies programs, the following are also required:

  1. Completed certificate of medical examination.   Immunization records may be submitted as a separate document.  New York State requires the following minimum vaccination records OR proof of immunity: MMR—2  doses of measles vaccine, 1 dose of Mumps vaccine, and 1 dose of Rubella vaccine.  Allowable exceptions include verified allergy to the vaccine(s) and the religious exception.  More information is available on the application form.
  2. Non-native English speakers are required to pass the TOEFL exam with the following minimum scores: Reading-20, Listening-20, Speaking-18, Writing-18, with an overall minimum score of 76.  The scores must be submitted through ETS.
  3. Proof of health insurance.  International and domestic students can obtain affordable health insurance.  Domestic students are now subject to new US health insurance legislation, and should verify existing coverage in New York State.  International students can obtain coverage independently, but may also obtain insurance through the new "marketplace."  The following links are to companies that sell health insurance to foreign students. HTOS does not endorse these companies in any way, and is not responsible for any contract between a student and an insurance company.  These links are provided for the convenience of our international students applicants only.  This is not an exhaustive list, and students are encouraged to compare quotes.

Application Due Dates:

The Office of Admissions must receive all of the above documents for the Bachelor’s program and Certificate In Pastoral Studies by June 1; otherwise the application may be deferred until the following academic year.  

Applications for the Certificate of Theological Studies program are due by August 1 and December 1 for the fall and spring semesters, respectively. Applications may be sent in early, but students may enter the program only at the beginning of the fall or spring semesters.  The decision of the Admissions Committee will be communicated to the applicant by mail after June 1.

Foreign Student Visas:

Applicants who reside outside the US will be sent all documents necessary to obtain a student visa.  In order to gain entry to the United States, you will need

  • I-20 form and I-901 Fee receipt
  • F-1 visa, 
  • A receipt from Populi showing that you have paid the full year's tuition,
  • IF LIVING IN A DORMITORY:  either a receipt from Populi showing that the full year's room and board is paid OR a bank statement showing adequate funds. 
  • IF LIVING OFF-CAMPUS (FOR FAMILIES): you will need a bank statement with equal or more funds than is shown on the I-20 form for estimated living expenses.

Without all of these documents, you may be denied entry into the United States. Tuition is due by August 1, preceding the academic year.

Note:  If a scholarship is awarded to an incoming student, the total amount due will be reduced by the amount of the scholarship, and this will be reflected in the Populi invoice.

Transfer of Credits


Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary can accept up to 60 credits toward a Bachelor of Theology degree at the discretion of the administration.   If a student wishes to have credits transferred, an official transcript including course descriptions must be submitted to the Office of Admissions.  Course syllabi may be also requested by the Office of Admissions in order to evaluate course content.  In assessing the transfer of credits, the unique mission of Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary centered on the Orthodox Christian theological tradition will be considered normative in establishing equivalency. Only credits compatible with seminary courses will be considered for transfer, and counted towards a degree.

Lanuguage of Instruction

All subjects are conducted in English. It is not necessary to acquire a basic knowledge of Russian prior to entering the Seminary’s regular academic program, although it is very helpful. ESL instruction is available in all years.

Entrance Examinations:

At the beginning of the academic year all incoming (new) students must take an entrance examination. The entrance examination will demonstrate the applicant's knowledge of subjects taught in the first and second year of Seminary. Exemption from certain courses will be determined entirely by the results of entrance exams and documents supplied by students. Students who have taken courses at other accredited institutions that correspond to courses offered at Holy Trinity Seminary must supply all relevant official transcripts to the Office of Admissions with their applications in order to transfer applicable credits. After completion of entrance exams students may be exempted from attending certain classes, at the discretion of the administration.

Married Students: 

The Seminary cannot provide housing for married students. Students with families must obtain housing independently. An estimate of expenses for married students living off-campus is available on request.

Employment for Foreign Students: 

Those students who arrive on student visas must keep in mind that they are not permitted to hold outside employment (off-campus) while in the US except under special circumstances. Therefore they must be able to provide the necessary funds to cover all expenses, including medical care. It is required that students obtain medical coverage before arriving at the Seminary. The Monastery and Seminary are not responsible for students' personal expenses.

Work-Study Program

Participation in monastery obediences provide students with work experience which, in some cases, involves the learning of new skills which may be useful in future careers. Possibilities may include: iconography, icon mounting, publishing, library science, archival methods, bee-keeping, carpentry, book-binding, translating, assistant teaching, choir directing, and journalism.  HTOS does not offer an option to pay for all expenses through an obedience at the monastery.


F-1 students have the option to apply for the Optional Practical Training program offered through SEVIS, which allows a full-time student to obtain salaried or hourly employment for up to one year in the student's field of study.  The student must maintain full-time status as a student (on-campus only) during the time of employment OR he may work for up to one year after graduation.  The seminary has no obligation to hire any student. 

Seminarians arriving in the US on a student visa must return to their native country after completion of their studies. This also applies to those who withdraw from the Seminary before graduating.

Applicants already in the United States on a visitor's visa must either return to their country of origin to obtain a student visa or themselves arrange their change of status.

Tuition and Fees


Bachelor of Theology and Certificate in Pastoral Studies.

General Notes: Tuition, room, and board fees are invoiced on a semester basis and due at the beginning of each semester.  Institutional scholarships for each academic year will be awarded prior to the fall semester and applied directly to invoices.  See below for more information on scholarships.  Payment plans are available but the full amount of each invoice must be paid before the beginning of the following semester.  Arrangements can be made with parents, sponsors, parishes and dioceses to make payments directly to a student’s invoices.  Official receipts and 1099-T forms are available on request. All accounts including room and board  must be paid in full by the end of the semester or students will not be allowed to register for the following semester.  


Due Dates: For first-time international students entering the country, SEVIS requires financial proof for the entire academic year at the border.  Therefore, one year’s tuition is due August 1 in order to produce proper documentation to show at the border.  For domestic and continuing international students, tuition for the fall semester is due September 1, but not later than registration day and for the spring semester, January 15, but not later than registration day.  The seminary reserves the right to withdraw a student from classes if payment is not made.


Total Expenses



Bachelor of Theology

Certificate in Pastoral Studies

Certificate of Theological Studies

Tuition 2018-19




Tuition 2019-20




Undergraduate Dormitory Room and Board 2018-19, with work-study





Dormitory Room and Board 2018-2019 without work-study




Books and supplies




Online Exam Fees





Room and Board: For the 2018-19 academic year, students will have a choice whether or not to apply for work-study in accordance with the approved Seminary policy. Work-study is not guaranteed, but depends upon availability and qualifications of the applicant. A listing of available positions and directions on how to apply will be provided to the incoming class during orientation. A student who enrolls in work-study will be required to log in 100 hours by the end of the semester to recieve the Room and Board discount. If the student does not fulfill the required number of hours, then the room and board rate will revert to the higher rate. Students who participate in the work-study program are responsible to fulfill their tasks to the satisfaction of their immediate supervisors.  A refundable $200 room deposit is required upon move-in to the dormitory.  If a student decides to change rooms, a standard cleaning fee of $75 will be deducted automatically, and damages assessed.


Additional Fees:  $50.00 is levied for late registration.  $25.00 is charged for entrance examinations. Auditors are charged $375.00 for each audited course (per academic year), not to exceed the amount of regular tuition per year. The approximate cost for books and other supplies is estimated at $200.00 per semester.  A $200 security deposit is due upon moving into the seminary dormitory.  Complete information concerning fees can be found in the Student Handbook.


Total Cost Per Program


B.Th. and CPS



Tuition (annual)



Room and board (dormitory)



Books and supplies







Certificate of Theological Studes

General Notes: Fees for the external program leading towards the Certificate in Theological Studies (HEGIS 5623) are assessed at $150 per credit, not including course materials ($300 per course). This includes tuition and on-campus exam fees. Exams taken through the internet require an additional $20 proctoring fee per exam.  Fees are due by the first day of each semester, except the online proctoring fee which is due at the time of the exam.  In case of financial difficulty, monthly payment plans are available.  Fees will increase for the 2017-2018 academic year by $25 per credit.


Certificate of Theological Studies

2 courses

4 courses

8 courses (2 semesters)





Books and supplies




Online Exam fees










FOREIGN STUDENTS: If you are accepted, in order to gain entry to the United States, you will need your I-20 form, F-1 visa, and a receipt from the Populi website showing that you have paid $7250 tuition and half of room and board ($2050).  Without all three of these documents, you will be denied entry. Tuition is due August 1 and no later than September 1, preceding the academic year.

DOMESTIC STUDENTS:  If you are accepted, tuition is due for the fall semester, in the amount of $3625, by September 1. Without payment, you will not be allowed to register and attend classes. Tuition is due for the spring semester on the Monday prior to the first day of classes of the spring semester, in the amount of $3625. You must also pay any remaining debt for room and board of the first semester.  This will be necessary in order to register for classes.

Comprehensive examinations for the Bachelor of Theology and graduation fees amount to a flat fee of $175.00. No more than 4 semesters of courses taken in self-study status may be counted towards the B.Th. degree. This is a privilege granted by express decision of the administration, not a free option.  Please keep in mind that on account of the fact that the courses in the final year are the most vital to a seminary education.  Therefore, they may not be completed in self-study status.


Institutional scholarships are awarded by the administration to B.Th. and C.P.S. students on the basis of academic status of applicants and in consideration of individual financial situations.  Institutional scholarship funds are not available for the self-study C.T.S. All scholarships are awarded directly through the Seminary and are payable toward tuition or room and board prior to the beginning of the fall semester. Incoming students who wish to be considered for financial aid should apply by May 1 and indicate need on the application form.  Continuing students must be enrolled full-time and be in good standing in order to remain eligible. “Good Standing” in this case means a GPA above 3.0 and regular attendance of daily liturgies.  The amount available to Bachelor of Theology students for scholarships increases with each successful year in the B.Th. program. Enrollment in other than registered or otherwise approved programs may jeopardize a student's eligibility for certain student aid awards.

Holy Trinity Seminary is pleased to offer more than $115,000 in scholarships for 2016-2017, thanks in large part to the establishment of the Protopresbyter Valery Lukianov Scholarship.  We are also pleased to announce that the enduring Ivan V. Koulaieff  Educational fund has increased its commitment to Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary.  The following is a list of scholarships awards:

  • - Protopresbyter Valery Lukianov Scholarship (Undergraduate and Graduate)
  • - Ivan V. Koulaieff Educational Fund (Undergraduate and Graduate)
  • - Metropolitan Philaret Scholarship (Undergraduate)
  • - Bishop Alexander Scholarship (for students from South America)
  • - St. Mardarije Scholarship (for students from the Serbian Archdiocese)
  • - St. John the Baptist Scholarship (Undergraduate)
  • - Prince Vladimir Galitzine Scholarship (Graduate)
  • - St. Seraphim's Camp Scholarship (Graduate)
  • - Memorial Scholarship in Honor of Protopresbyter Valery Lukianov [Anonymous Donor] (Graduate)
  • - Holy Trinity Seminary Scholarship (Graduate)

Withdrawals and Refunds
Students who decide to withdraw from the Seminary in the course of the semester must notify the Office of the Dean in writing, stating the reasons for withdrawal. Refunds of tuition and fees will be made according to the following schedule. The date of filing of the notification with the Office of the Dean will be regarded as the official date of withdrawal from the Seminary.
Withdrawal notification received by Dean’s Office:
First week of class. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 80% refund
Second week . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60% refund
Third week . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40% refund
Fourth week. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20% refund
Fees are not refunded after the fourth week.
Classes may be dropped before the Friday of the third week of classes without academic penalty.

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