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Certificate in Pastoral Studies (On-Campus)


The Certificate in Pastoral Studies (HEGIS 5623) is designed for the Orthodox Christians who wish to undergo theological, spiritual, and pastoral formation in preparation for the service to the Orthodox Church but cannot or are unwilling to enroll in a full Bachelor of Theology program.  The objective of the program is to provide basic theological and pastoral training to the candidates wishing to serve the Orthodox Church as priests, deacons, minor clergy or lay leaders, or to those who wish to enrich their theological education and ecclesial life.  

Application Requirements

Application requirements and tuition are the same as for the Bachelor of Theology. All classes are taught in English and must be completed on-campus, and a distance study option is not provided.  

Course Requirements

The program requires a completion of 58 credit hours, normally over the course of four semesters.  The courses included in this Certificate program include survey courses in the Scriptures, liturgics, systematic theology, and church history.  The language courses are not required by this program.


Term: Fall of the First Year

  1. BIBLE-331 Old Testament I
  2. BIBLE-333 New Testament I
  3. HIST-319 Church History I
  4. THEO-351 Dogmatic Theology I
  5. PHILO-366 History of Philosophy I
  6. AML-101/103  Music, Liturgics, and Choir

Term: Fall of the Second Year

  1. PATR-435 Patrology
  2. PAST-413 Homiletics & Catechesis I
  3. THEO-453 Pastoral Theology I
  4. THEO-447 Comparative Theology I
  5. AML-201/203 Music, Liturgics, and Choir

Term: Spring of the First Year

  1. BIBLE-332 Old Testament II
  2. BIBLE-334 New Testament II
  3. HIST-320 Church History II
  4. THEO-352 Dogmatic Theology II
  5. PHILO-365 History of Philosophy II
  6. AML-102/104 Music, Liturgics, and Choir

Term: Spring of the Second Year

  1. THEO-443 Liturgical Theology
  2. PAST-414 Homiletics & Catechesis II
  3. THEO-425 Canon Law
  4. THEO-448 Comparative Theology II
  5. AML-202/204 Music, Liturgics, and Choir

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