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Dean Nicholas N. Alexandrov Building

Dean Nicholas N. Alexandrov Building is the main seminary building which houses classrooms, administrative and faculty offices, the Seminary Hall, the library, museum, and archives.

Seminary Dormitory

Seminary Dormitory historic building housed the entire monastery prior to building Holy Trinity Cathedral and the monastic brotherhood building.  The first classes were conducted here.  Currently this building is used exclusively as a seminary dormitory.  The dormitory features its own kitchen, a gym, shared and private bathrooms, a reception area, and its own chapel.

Holy Trinity Cathedral

A gem of Russian Orthodox Architecture and iconography, the Holy Trinity Cathedral has two churches which are used at different times of year. The upper is dedicated to the Holy Trinity, and the lower is dedicated to St. Job of Pochaev. 

Chapel of the Dormition of the Theotokos

Located in the middle of the cemetery, English-language services are held in the Cemetery Chapel of the Dormition of the Theotokos.  Faithful in the local community gather for akathist services as well.  Vigil and Liturgy are served on the Feast of the Dormition in the English langauge.

Chapel of St's John of Kronstadt and John of Rila

The "chapel in the woods" is used for occasional English-language services, mostly in the warmer months. 

Monastery Brotherhood Building

The main building of the monastery, the "bratskii korpus" houses monastic cells, the refectory or Trapeza, offices, the bakery, the bookstore, and the infirmary.

Monastery Trapeza

Seminarians join with the brotherhood at the monastery trapeza for meals.  Attendance at lunch is required while breakfast and dinner are optional.  Lunch is the main common meal when announcements are made.  At other times, students may cook their own food in the dormitory if they wish.  


Visitors may make arrangements to stay in the guesthouse.  The guesthouse, being conveniently located less than a mile from the monastery, lies within walking distance for some. Visit this page for contact information and reservations.

Bell Tower

The Monastery Bell Tower was constructed in 1988 for the 1000-year anniversary of the baptism of Rus. The largest bell is 88 inches.  Seminarians who wish to learn bell-ringing have ample opportunity.  Guests who participate in Bright Week services may ring the bells themselves during Bright Week.

Icon Studio

The Icon Studio houses both the icon painting studio and the icon printing and mounting studio.  Seminarians who are dedicated to learning icon painting or icon printing and mounting may find opportunities to work in these wonderful facilities. 


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