Archpriest Nikolai Kolyda Speaks on Temperance and Orthodoxy

On the evening of November 7, 2013, V. Rev. Nikolai Kolyada, from Vitebsk, Belarus spoke to the Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary students about temperance (alcohol abstinence). His well-researched talk included deep Scriptural linguistic analysis and exegesis concerning all the major references to wine, other historical references to wine and wine usage (including the great ancient philosophers), statistics and history of alcoholism in the 20th century, especially in Russia and Belarus, the history of the temperance movement in Russia, pastoral reasons for abstinence, and his own experience as a pastor confronting the epidemic problem of alcoholism.

 Fr. Nikolai is a member of the organizational committee and active member of the All-Russian Temperance Brotherhood named in honor of St. John the Baptist. He is the founder of the Vitebsk chapter of the Temperance Brotherhood, named in honor of the Icon of the Mother of God "Inexhaustible Cup.” He is also the Father Confessor of the Vitebsk Diocese, an instructor at the Vitebsk Theological Seminary, and Rector of the Church of St. Nicholas and St. George in Vitebsk.

There was a question concerning the use of wine in the Divine Liturgy, to which Fr. Nikolai gave a lengthy and in-depth answer.  This talk covers a very sensitive pastoral topic, but is recommended for all viewers.


Father Nikolai Kolyda Speaks on Temperance and Orthodoxy - 11/07/2013

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