We've Exceeded the Goal! - 3/06/2019

On behalf of our seminarians, faculty, and administration, I would like to thank each and every donor for your contribution, no matter the amount, to our fall/winter fundraiser, which concluded on 2/28/19.

Because of your profound and unprecedented generosity, we have, with God's help, now raised over $136,000, and with a dedicated benefactor's generous match, up to $25,000, of every dollar over $100,000, this puts our total for the general fund at over $161,000 for this fundraiser. In addition, during this fall-winter fundraising season, we’ve raised an additional $19,100 designated for future scholarships, so our overall total now peaks at almost $181,000. This amount represents the most we have ever raised in any single campaign for our beloved Seminary.

Once again; may I express our deepest gratitude, and may the Good Lord bless you 100-fold for your generosity in supporting us and our very important mission here at Holy Trinity Seminary in Jordanville!

- Bishop Luke (Murianka), Rector

HTOS, Jordanville, NY Fall/Winter Fundraiser Final Totals
120%+ GOAL     $180,967 $150,000       $75,000
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