Alumni of Holy Trinity Seminary in attendance at the April, 2024 Northern Lenten Clergy retreat of the Eastern American Diocese
Alumni of Holy Trinity Seminary in attendance at the April, 2024 Northern Lenten Clergy retreat of the Eastern American Diocese
Alumni of Holy Trinity Seminary in attendance at the April, 2024 Northern Lenten Clergy retreat of the Eastern American Diocese
Honor our past by supporting our future.
Consider donating monthly and become a Holy Trinity Seminary Patron today! 

Christ is Risen!

We are deeply grateful for your ongoing support of Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary in Jordanville, NY. As a cornerstone of education for the Russian Church Abroad, our seminary not only prepares future clergy and Church leaders but also offers a comprehensive and profound training experience that may not be widely known. Our commitment extends beyond imparting knowledge; we strive to cultivate the skills and spiritual depth necessary for serving our parish communities with excellence and dedication.

For over 75 years, Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary has been dedicated to the sacred task of forming those whom the Lord has called. This mission—to prepare those called to serve Him—is pursued with great care and responsibility. Only God can call someone to ministry within His Holy Church, and when He calls, we are equipped to thoroughly prepare them for this high and holy service. This serious commitment to formational training, guided by the experienced fathers at the monastery, ensures that each seminarian is ready to undertake their pastoral duties.

Today, I am reaching out to not only express our gratitude but to invite you to deepen your partnership with us by becoming a monthly donor to the seminary.  By supporting Holy Trinity Seminary, you link your life and legacy to an institution that has been a beacon of faith and education for decades. Before we discuss our future goals, let us reflect on the impactful journey we have shared thus far.

Reader Yevgraf Jackimowicz, 4th Year B.Th.
Reader Yevgraf Jackimowicz, 4th Year B.Th.
Reader Yevgraf Jackimowicz, 4th Year B.Th.


or mail your check payable to 
Holy Trinity Seminary 
PO Box 36 
Jordanville, NY 13361
Fr Theodore Foley 3rd Year M.Div, Paul Morin 4th Year BTh
Fr Theodore Foley 3rd Year M.Div, Paul Morin 4th Year BTh
Fr Theodore Foley 3rd Year M.Div, Paul Morin 4th Year BTh

Together, we can partner to serve future clergy and the future members of the Russian Orthodox Church. Our mission to form and prepare the future leaders of the Church is more important now than ever. Our existing parish clerics are aging, and we do not have an adequate number of trained and ordained priests to replace them.

Additionally, as our society becomes more complex, the ability of the well-intentioned but uneducated to provide adequate answers to all who seek to know God and understand the truth is increasingly unsatisfactory. Passing our faith and traditions to this next generation requires a higher level of preparation for the next generation of church leadership.

That’s what you do through your support of Holy Trinity Seminary in Jordanville. 

Your support of the Seminary has helped preserve the clear witness of Russian Orthodoxy.  You help preserve it not only for yourself, your children, and grandchildren, but for the world.  As the only seminary within the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, the Seminary opens its doors annually to applicants not only from the United States but also from abroad, thereby fulfilling its mission to serve parishes in all corners of the world.

The Seminary also emphasizes the importance of spiritual life in theological education. Active participation in the life of the monastery, on whose premises the seminary is located, allows students to experience firsthand the spiritual depth of the Orthodox Church and gives future clergy the rare opportunity of gaining a thorough foundation in and experience of the Orthodox liturgical life. The Seminary strives to preserve the high scholarly standards, teaching, and traditions of the Russian Orthodox Church. 

We are given a difficult task. Many seek a harbor with meaning because of increasing uncertainty and confusion. We need your assistance to guide people to the Truth. We must be ready to help.

With God’s help, and by your prayers and generosity, the seminary will remain affordable and accessible.  You will help ensure that anyone who is called to prepare for future service to the Church can do so.   Your support is crucial to preserving the high scholarly standards, teachings, and traditions of the Russian Orthodox Church through our library, print shop, publications, museum, and archives.

Priests or chanters, catechists or teachers, however they will serve, you will have helped them prepare for their ministry.  They will help preserve and teach the faith to those who already have it.  Just as importantly, they will be able to help those who are seeking.  Please pray that God strengthen and guide all those who are seeking Truth, as well as all those who have been called to labor in His Vineyard.  

When you give to the Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary at Jordanville, you share in that work. You are a co-laborer in preserving the Traditions of the Church. All of the fruit from the lives of these men and the parishes they serve is fruit that you have helped grow.

That’s why I am writing to you today. You can partner with us to advance this work by joining an exemplary community of givers.

It’s called “Holy Trinity Seminary Patrons”.

“Holy Trinity Seminary Patrons” is composed of people like you who give monthly contributions to the seminary. People like you who want to make a difference for this and future generations. Your monthly support gives hope to parishes who have previously functioned without priests, choir directors, chanters, and church leaders.

You are already a generous supporter of our work, and I thank you for what you’ve already done. You understand that the future of the Church is about more than renovating residence halls and building classroom space. You understand that it takes a methodical approach to sustain a seminary that can provide an exceptional education that builds up young men with a desire to serve the Church.

“Holy Trinity Seminary Patrons” is a special group of individuals who give monthly contributions because they want to ensure that our future clerics are well-equipped to address the challenges facing our communities and the world.

Would you join us as a “Holy Trinity Seminary Patron”?

Your monthly contribution can be directed towards any of the following departments. 

Department of History, Philosophy, and Humanities:

Donations to this department support the development of courses that explore the rich history and philosophical underpinnings of the Orthodox faith. This includes acquiring historical texts, funding guest lectures, and supporting research projects that allow students to understand the context of their faith in a broader historical and cultural landscape. Enhancing this department ensures that future leaders are well-versed in the complexities of religious history and philosophy, providing them with the knowledge necessary to lead thoughtfully and effectively.

Department of Ministry Practicum and Homiletics:

Funds directed towards this department are crucial for practical training. They enable the seminary to offer workshops, real-world ministry experiences, and specialized instruction in the delivering of sermons and pastoral care. This hands-on training is vital for developing effective communicators and empathetic pastors who can engage and support their congregations in meaningful ways.

Department of Liturgics, Sacred Arts, and Music:

Support for this department enhances the seminary’s capabilities to train students in the rich traditions of Orthodox liturgics, sacred arts, and church music. Contributions will help fund liturgical books and other materials that enrich the spiritual and aesthetic aspects of worship. Additionally, funds will support the professional development activities of HTOS faculty and engagement of outside experts in sacred arts and music to provide intensive, high-quality training.

Department of Theology, Patrology, and Canon Law:

Donations to this department facilitate advanced study in theology, the teachings of the Church Fathers (Patrology), and the understanding of Orthodox Canon Law. This can include the acquisition of rare theological texts, access to international theological databases, and support for scholarly work that deepens the doctrinal understanding and the framework within which the Orthodox Church operates. 

Department of Scriptural Studies and Exegesis:

Contributions to this department support the critical study and interpretation of Scripture. This is foundational to Orthodox theological education and includes funding for resources that enhance the ability to interpret, understand, and apply the Scriptures in a parish and societal context.

Department of Translingual Fluency and Language:

Funding aids in providing language courses that are crucial for theological studies and for the ministry in diverse linguistic contexts. This includes modern languages like English, Russian, and Greek, and ancient languages like Church Slavonic and Biblical Greek. Investments in this area enable students to access a broader array of theological texts and engage with communities in their native languages.

The Online Program for Laity:

Donations expand the reach of the seminary’s educational offerings to lay members of the church around the world, to support catechism, and for missionary outreach to inquirers. Funding is used to develop and maintain new online courses, which require course development from faculty and technicians, technology infrastructure, curriculum design expertise, and possibly financial assistance for lay participants who might not otherwise be able to afford theological education.

Certificate in Theological Studies (CTS Program):

The CTS program is an independent study program designed for Orthodox Christian clergy and laity who wish to broaden their knowledge of the history, theology, and pastoral practice of the Orthodox Church, but are unable to enroll in the full course of study at the Seminary.  Donations to support this program will enable program development and will support the students, especially present and future clergy, to acquire competence in Orthodox theology and other disciplines in order to enrich their ecclesial and spiritual life, and to apply this learning to the proclamation of the Gospel.  

By joining “Holy Trinity Seminary Patrons” with a monthly gift of any amount, you are sharing with our students and the entire Jordanville community that you stand with them.

While we have a rich and important heritage, and it’s our future that excites us today, which we envision as vibrant and thoroughly active both for us and for the Church worldwide. 

Jordanville’s natural setting provides an atmosphere of unceasing prayer, daily church services, and a rigorous academic schedule that is ideal for religious formation. As we look to the future, we maintain an unswerving commitment to the fundamental components of our institutional success in the past, including:

  • Maintaining our traditional profile that inspires students wishing to find the best possible resources for their pastoral and clerical formation
  • Growing and expanding while maintaining our Orthodox Christian educational leadership
  • Acquiring and retaining outstanding faculty, developing premier library facilities, and creating a cutting-edge curriculum.
  • Providing  highly interpersonal guidance in spiritual growth and offering resources for knowledge of Orthodox liturgical service and arts
  • Serving as a unique educational center for the study of worldwide Orthodox Christian culture, including the invaluable Russian perspective.
  • Continuing and increasing publication of outstanding books and resources for the Church and the faithful, as well as those who are seeking the Truth
  • Remaining accessible to all by keeping our tuition reasonable so that anyone who is called, regardless of financial situation, can attend and be prepared for service

All of us at Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary in Jordanville are deeply grateful that you would consider being a member of “Holy Trinity Seminary Patrons” by signing up to give a monthly gift. Of course I would encourage you to be generous in your support, and at the very least, I would truly encourage you to give a gift of any amount. When you give a gift of any amount, that gift tells us that you stand with us, and knowing that you are with us means a great deal.

Together, we can ensure the future of our Church, and continue our mission of educating and preparing future leaders of the Holy Orthodox Church. 

Join “Holy Trinity Seminary Patrons” today.

Sincerely, In Christ,

Protodeacon Michael Pavuk
Director of Development
Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary


P.S. Your monthly contribution, no matter the amount, will serve as a steadfast beacon of support, echoing our shared dedication to the seminary's mission. By joining the Monthly Giving Club, you send a powerful message of unity and commitment within our global Church community. Each gift, consistently given, becomes part of a larger tapestry of faith and education that reaches every corner of the world.

Monastery/Seminary Choir, Clean Week 2024
Monastery/Seminary Choir, Clean Week 2024
Monastery/Seminary Choir, Clean Week 2024
Canon Law 4th year BTh class, Protodeacon Andrei Psarev, Ph.D.
Canon Law 4th year BTh class, Protodeacon Andrei Psarev, Ph.D.
Canon Law 4th year BTh class, Protodeacon Andrei Psarev, Ph.D.


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