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Dear Friends!
It gives me great pleasure to let you know that the choice is yours when it comes to helping us complete our 2020 Year-End Drive. Jordanville's Seminary is approaching seventy-five years in 2023, and as a necessary first step, we wish to reach a goal of $165,000  by the end of December. This will assist with three vital needs that can only be addressed with your generous support... 

  • $95,000 to help us successfully reach the 2020 Annual Fund goal. (this is your unrestricted support of Jordanville’s on-going operations). 
  • $40,000 for Student Financial Aid (tuition assistance towards an expected shortfall for the coming spring semester 2021).
  • $30,000 on behalf of our Programs and Facilities (current focus on improving living accommodations for our growing number of students.) Enjoy an aerial glimpse!

Anything you can do will definitely help. —We will be incredibly grateful! You can easily send your donation to us here via our website or the PayPal link, through our Facebook Page or by check mailed to: Holy Trinity Monastery, P.O. Box 36, Jordanville, NY 13361.

And, if you prefer to move us faster towards one or more of the above three goals, please be sure to allocate your gift accordingly! Personal checks can be earmarked in the lower left-hand corner… but we especially encourage contributions be made here through our website.  

It will be great to hear from all of you soon!
Best wishes, sincerely ...
Nicolas G. Schidlovsky, Ph.D.
Dean, Holy Trinity Seminary

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