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Tuition and Fees
Bachelor of Theology, Master of Divinity, and Certificate in Pastoral Studies
General Notes

Tuition, room, and board fees are invoiced on a semester basis and due prior to the beginning of each semester. Institutional scholarships for each academic year will be awarded prior to the fall semester and applied directly to invoices. See below for more information on scholarships. Payment plans are available but the full amount of each invoice must be paid before the beginning of the following semester. Arrangements can be made with parents, sponsors, parishes and dioceses to make payments directly to a student’s invoices. Official receipts and 1099-T forms are available on request. All accounts including room and board must be paid in full by the end of the semester or students will not be allowed to register for the following semester.

Due Dates

For first-time international students the US Consulate will require financial proof for the entire academic year at your consular interview.  Your I-20 will indicate what level of financial support the Seminary is offering, if any. 

For domestic and international students, payment for tuition and room and board for the fall semester is due August 15, and for the spring semester, December 15.   The seminary reserves the right to withdraw a student from classes if payment is not made.

Total Expenses


Bachelor of Theology or Certificate in Pastoral Studies

Master of Divinity

Certificate in Theological Studies

Tuition 2021-22

$4,250 / semester

$4,897.5 / semester

$150 / credit

Tuition 2022-23

$4,500 / semester

$5,000 / semester

$150 / credit

Dormitory Room and Board 2021-22, with Work-Study

$1,995 / semester



Dormitory Room and Board 2021-22 without Work-Study

$2,995 / semester

$2,400-$3,150 / semester


Books and Supplies

$200 / semester

$300 / semester

$150 / semester

Online Exam Fees



$20 / exam


Work Study and Community Service

Monastery obediences can provide students with valuable work experience. Possibilities include iconography, icon mounting, printing, library science, archival methods, museum, bee-keeping, carpentry, book-binding, translating, assistant teaching, choir directing, journalism, grounds keeping, gardening, maintenance work, church cleaning, kitchen duties, dormitory maintenance, monastery publishing, bookstore, candle making, cooking, sewing, etc.  Work study is currently available only to undergraduate students who live in the dorm.


Jobs are divided into two categories: community service and work-study. Community service applies to all students and the jobs include, but are not limited to, cleaning and kitchen assignments. Each student will be expected to fulfill approximately 60 hours per semester. Community service is what we do as part of a community to serve our neighbor.


Work-study jobs are those that require training and/or skilled labor, including but not limited to these areas: bookstore, museum, archives administrative offices, library, candle factory, icon mounting studio, carpentry and building maintenance, IT, camera work, photo editing, website work, and publications.


Students are not guaranteed to be assigned a work-study job. It is necessary to express your desire and intention informally with each supervisor, who has the authority to accept or decline. If a student is selected for the job, he will not receive wages but will be expected to fulfill 100 hours per semester at this job. The 100 hours qualifies a student for a lower room and board rate. Without work-study, the rate is $2995 per semester or $5990 per year. With work-study the rate lowers to $1995 or $3990 per year.

Room Deposit

A $500 security deposit is due for all students upon moving in (for on-campus or graduate housing), and by the first day of classes for students who reside off-campus.   If a student decides to change rooms in the dormitory, a standard cleaning fee of $75 will be deducted automatically, and damages assessed.

Additional Fees

A $100.00 fee is levied for late registration or payment beyond the payment deadline.  For payment or registration beyond two calendar weeks from the first day of classes, a $500 fee is levied.
A $25.00 fee is charged for entrance examinations.
Auditors are charged $375 for each audited course, not to exceed the amount of regular tuition per year.
The approximate cost for books and other supplies is estimated at $200.00 per semester for undergraduate students and $300.00 for graduate students.  
Comprehensive examinations for the Bachelor of Theology and graduation fees amount to a flat fee of $175.

Total Cost Per Program

B.Th. and CPS



Tuition (annual)



Room and board (dormitory)

$3,990 / $5,990

$3,990 / $5,990

Books and supplies




$12,890 / $14,890

$13,390 / $15,390

Certificate in Theological Studes
General Notes

Fees for the external program leading towards the Certificate in Theological Studies (HEGIS 5623) are assessed at $150 per credit, not including course materials ($300 per course). This includes tuition and on-campus exam fees.

Exams taken through the internet require an additional $20 proctoring fee per exam. 

Fees are due by the first day of each semester, except the online proctoring fee which is due at the time of the exam.  In case of financial difficulty, monthly payment plans are available.


Certificate in Theological Studies

2 courses

4 courses

8 courses
(2 semesters)





Books and supplies




Online Exam fees









Graduate Expenses (M.Div. Program)

Per semester


Tuition 2021-2022



Tuition 2022-2023



Graduate Room (9.5  months)



Graduate Room (12 months)



Graduate Board (Lunch only)



Graduate Board (all meals)



Books and supplies (estimated)




Total Graduate Costs (M.Div)



Tuition (annual)



Room and board (range)

$4,800 - $6,300

$4,800 - $6,300

Books and supplies




$15,195 - $16,695

$15,400 - $16,900


Withdrawals and Refunds

Students who decide to withdraw from the Seminary in the course of the semester must notify the Office of the Dean in writing, stating the reasons for withdrawal. Refunds of tuition and fees will be made according to the following schedule. The date of filing of the notification with the Office of the Dean will be regarded as the official date of withdrawal from the Seminary.
Withdrawal notification received by Dean’s Office:
First week of class. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 80% refund
Second week . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60% refund
Third week . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40% refund
Fourth week. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20% refund
Fees are not refunded after the fourth week.
Classes may be dropped before the Friday of the third week of classes without academic penalty.

Incoming International Students

In order to gain entry to the United States, you will need:

  • I-20 form and I-901 Fee receipt
  • F-1 visa, 
  • IF LIVING IN A DORMITORY:  either a receipt from Populi showing that the full year's room and board is paid OR a bank statement showing adequate funds. 
  • IF LIVING OFF-CAMPUS (FOR FAMILIES): you will need a bank statement with equal or more funds than is shown on the I-20 form for estimated living expenses.

Without all of these documents, you may be denied entry into the United States. Tuition is due by August 15, preceding the academic year.

Note:  If a scholarship is awarded to an incoming student, the total amount due will be reduced by the amount of the scholarship, and this will be reflected in the Populi invoice and indicated on the I-20.

Domestic and Returning International Students

Tuition and Room and Board is due for the fall semester by August 15.  

Tuition is due for the spring semester on December 15.

Payment plans are available at the discretion of the administration, but must be approved in advance, and include additional fees.  All fees must be paid in full by the end of the semester in order to register for the next semester. 


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