Seminarians give presentation at Saint Hermans Youth Conference

On December 23, 2013, four seminarians gave a presentation at the Saint Herman’s Youth Conference in Sea Cliff, New York. The Saint Herman’s Conference is a yearly conference which began at Holy Trinity Monastery, where Orthodox youth come together for a few days at the time of the Julian Calendar feast of St. Herman of Alaska, which falls on the Gregorian Dec. 25, in order to attend relevant lectures, enjoy the Divine Services together and meet other Orthodox youth. The presentation was attended by a large audience and included His Eminence, the Very Reverend Gabriel, Archbishop of Montreal and Canada.

The seminarians’ presentation spoke about about life as a seminarian in the environs of Holy Trinity Monastery, including the history and legacy of the Seminary, the various subjects that are taught at the Seminary, daily seminarian obediences and students’ participation in the life of the monastery including leading services as members on the kliros and altar services. The presentation included pictures of the monastery and seminary grounds and a question and answer session.



Seminarians give presentation at Saint Hermans Youth Conference - 12/23/2013

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